Dr. Kara Crosby is a knowledgeable physician. Her explanations are easily understood. She doesn’t rush through the visit and I like her decisiveness. Lastly, but most importantly, her compassion for others is genuine.

Joan B.

Dr.Gupta is excellent. She is caring and up to date on current medical information. I appreciate her patience in answering all of my many questions. Grateful to be her patient.

Samuel R.

Dr. Menich is very approachable and knowledgeable. I feel very confident being in his care.

Dorothy W.

My first appointment with Dr. Newman was positive. He seems very confident and has good experience. He understands allergies and other aspects of human health. He has a pleasant personality and was down to earth.

Pamela Q.

A huge thank you to Dr.Rumbyrt and his team! I got my reminder texts mixed up. As a rushing, crying and frantic mama, I was extremely grateful for the doctor and team to still see us despite our tardiness. Thank you for your office’s amazing courtesy and kindness!

Jameson H.

Dr. Barberis and her staff are exceptional. Very good communications throughout the entire process of allergy testing and attentive. I highly recommend this practice and Dr. Barberis in particular. She has a caring professionalism that is unique and was very thorough.

Brian U.

Dr. Barberis is knowledgeable and kind. Her recommendations are helpful, but the best part of the visit is her warm personality.

Megan S.

Seeing Dr. Rumbyrt was like taking a step back in time. We’ve become so used to absolute lack of customer service in this country, that we accept it without question. In this case, the office staff was polite and friendly and Dr Rumbyrt was wonderful. He sat down, he made eye contact, he was polite, he took notes and was interested in what I had to say. He did not spend any time looking at a computer or a screen. I cannot say enough good things about my first experience at this office.

Kimberlee B.

We loved working with Dr. Barberis. She was diligent and informative. We had multiple visits with her and were always pleased with the experience. The office staff and nurses were helpful and kind too. Highly recommend!

Eloise W.

Dr. Menich was creepy and rude. The lady that did my allergy exam was kind and great.

Adaly P.

Everyone was amazing, from the front desk folks to the treatment team, top notch. Dr Gupta was extremely thorough and so great at explaining my results and treatment options. As a medical professional myself, I truly appreciate the excellent care I received today. 10 out of 10 stars for your team !!!

Alyson M.

My visit with Dr Gupta was a pleasure. She was very thorough and detailed in explaining my symptoms and the treatment plan, answered all my questions and was very attentive to my concerns. I look forward to working with her in the future and would recommend her to family and friends.

Loyce L.

Dr. Gupta is very kind and knowledgeable

Sophia C.

have been a patient here for years and wouldn't go anyplace else. Dr. Rumbyrt diagnosed my problem when several other doctors could not. Everyone in the office is very nice and accommodating.

Sherri A.

Dr Munich was friendly and listened to my concerns. He brought new perspective to a condition I have been experiencing for 6 months and for which I had seen a number of doctors. I trust him.

Karen A.

Mr. Menich treats the whole person - what your goals are (with controlling your allergies) and he gives you options how to best achieve that. I love the outdoors and am allergic to most of it, yet though his continued care, I am able to go outside and enjoy it, and also know when to spend less time outside because of likely increased reactions.

Jason K.

Dr. Barberis is always a perfect blend of clinical knowledge, excellent communication, and friendly demeanor. You couldn’t ask for anyone better! For this visit, I also met with Taylor, a nurse practitioner, who was also fantastic. And my allergies are completely under control, which is amazing at this time of year!!

Gregory A.

Dr. Barberis is awesome. Kind/Energetic/Extremely knowledgeable ! Helped diagnose my condition and got me on road to recovery! Her staff is great as well!! Thanks so much!

Matthew E.


Greg S.

Dr Rumbyrt and his staff are great! Dr Rumbyrt does an outstanding job listening as well as explaining medical terms in “user friendly” terms.

Valorie H.

Dr Menich was helpful and stated that he will set up peer to peer review for Tezspire approval from insurance.

Laura B.

I was very happy to meet the Dr. she took her time in listening to my issues. So far her prescription for relief from my symptoms has been a great help. Thank you!

Corrine G.

I have felt so much better after my visit. He helped me figure out what I needed to feel better. He was also super nice as was the whole team.

Melissa H.

Great listener, supportive and let's patient do shared decision making

Tracy C.

Great experience, relaxed, and informative. Will recommend!

Katherine W.

She takes her time to listen to my issues, great source of information regarding my condition. And coming up with a plan for treatment that would work with my insurance. I was very pleased with Dr. Gupta

Victor B.

Thorough, caring, light and personable, easy to talk and work with, knows his field of expertise very well.

Jane C.

No nonsense Cut to the chase

Deborah S.

Dr. Gupta is excellent. She is a competent and caring doctor. As a long time patient, I am confident I will always receive the best care.

Samuel R.

Amazing as always

Ilona H.

I really like Dr Gupta. She listens and thinks through the treatment.

Michelle W.

Dr. Gupta is amazing and takes good care of you in everyway possible

Willie L.

Good listener. Good help in finding best health outcomes.

Joanne G.

Always treated with respect and efficiency.

Marcee M.

Dr. Newman is always kind and caring. His instructions and thoughts are clear and easy to follow. Thanks Dr. Newman for your kindness and patience!

Kristine W.

Jeffrey Rumbyrt, MD Was great dealing with my 8mo old! Kindness and humor made this anxious mama relieved, and we received the answers we were looking for! All of the staff was incredibly professional and nice! Would come back and recommend this practice to everyone!

Jameson H.

I have been a patient for many years with Dr. Rumbyrt. He has gone above and beyond to find the best treatments which have worked for me to make my allergies and asthma something I no longer have to worry about. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from allergy and asthma symptoms.

Michael H.

I've had good results.

Linda M.

So glad to have found this wonderful office. Dr Rumbyrt was very knowledgeable, and helpful. If you are looking for allergy relief, this is your place.

Sherri S.


Chester C.

Dr. Crosby has great communication skills! Excellent listener, and offers thorough explanations. Comfortable, never rushed visits. I would highly recommend her, and this practice.

Patricia P.

Great, down-to-earth doctor.

Daniel M.

Richard W.

Very nice and truly listened to me. Which was validating of what I been through. I really would recommend her.

Jamey A.

Dr. Barberis is very responsive to my concerns and needs. The office staff at the North Westminster office is great.

Elizabeth D.

The staff is very welcome. Dr. Barberis is a very thoughtful doctor. I would recommend her to anyone.

Jane H.

Very friendly and professional. The assistants were caring, kind and attentive and Dr. Menich was wonderful. A great experience!

Wendy S.

Very thorough and understanding. Really tried to sort out my symptoms and established a self care program for me.

Margaret P.

Dr Barberis and staff are the greatest. I have enjoyed every visit. The Doctor always takes time to sit and talk about any issues I am experiencing. She is by far one of the best doctors I have ever seen.

Michael H.

Dr Rumbyrt is knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, explains things thoroughly, actually listens to the patient. I was referred to him by a family member and am thankful every day. I highly recommend him.

Cheri F.

Outstanding Doctor - very Knowledgeable - excellent communication skills

David P.

He is a one of kind doctor. He listens and digs for the truth sharing it with integrity. I had aspirated after a surgery and could not get a straight answer after seeing other pulmonologists and allergist. He took extra time and reviewed my other medical reposts and explained it so it made sense and brought peace about what was going on and how to best treat it. Amazingly on December 20th. 2023 I retook the breathing test and scored normal. I asked him after 9 years he said the it could be the man upstairs and your lung just healed. I also explained how I retired from Health care 3 years ago and was focused on becoming my best self betaking care of myself which could impact this. Dr. Jeffrey Rumbyrt said I will always be there for you so do not hesitate to contact me if things change. We were also talking about non-compliance with the vaccinations and he said to me he will always put the patient first no matter the circumstances. He is an old fashioned doctor who truly is a healer. If we had more like him this would be a better place. I am privileged

Sandra G.

Doctor Rumbyrt is an excellent doctor and has always done all he could to make sure I get the care and medicine I need.

Kim S.

Dr. Crosby was professional, I felt that she cares and during the visit, I didn’t feel rushed. Her assistant and those working upfront was helpful and friendly.

Leilani F.

I've had Dr. (Jeff) Rumbyrt for many years now, having changed to the "youngest" member of practice after a bad experience with a founding member of that practice. Since changing to him, I have been on "newer" medications that have essentially stopped the affects of my asthma and what had been regular resulting illnesses due to older style medications. I am extraordinarily pleased with the care I get from Dr. Rumbyrt and all of his staff, particularly in the North office. I highly recommend this practice, and this particular Doctor for the control of asthma & it's resulting effects.

Karen J.

Excellent service.

Antoinette P.

I've been seeing Dr. Rumbyrt for many, many years. My asthma and allergies are almost non-existent now. He is a wonderful, caring doctor always in search of the best care for his patients. Highly recommend him and the practice as a whole.

Lisa L.

Very good!

Brenda M.

Everyone is friendly. Very relaxed atmosphere. I feel like my questions are answered. Good job!

Carolyn S.

Very knowledgeable and genuine. She truly cares for her patients.

Maritza R.

Dr. Rumbyrt is the best! He is professional, thorough, and kind - he is also an excellent listener and puts the needs of the individual first. Highly recommend!

Chris S.

Very good experience! Thorough appointment, everything I wanted was addressed.

Paige P.

Dr. Menich is clear and concise with what our approach is to my allergies and the staff is always helpful and smiling.

Michael K.

I’ve never not waited at a doctors office. Truly outstanding service from start to finish!

Alexis G.

Staff was prompt, pleasant & very kind. Dr. Gupta was very sincere, explained my situation & changes that need to be made. Very thoughtful!

Shirley B.

Very knowledgable. Read my file ahead of time

MaryAnn A.

Very informative. Answered all my questions.

Cary G.

Dr. Rumbyrt is not only my favorite doctor, he is also one of my favorite people. Down to Earth, humble, and incredibly intelligent and always up on the latest research. The staff are thorough, kind, knowledgeable and considerate. I have and will continue to recommend this practice and Dr. Rumbyrt.

Janette S.

Informative and personable

Pamela J.

Dr. Rumbyrt has taken my asthma/allergies from not-well-controlled to very well-controlled. Plus his demeanor is friendly & professional, while framing my asthma/allergies as part of my overall health. Highly recommended.

Anita M.

Friendly, patient and supportive staff. Dr. Barberis listened to my concerns and did a thorough assessment to create a treatment plan. I left the office feeling optimistic and hopeful.

Nicole B.

Very friendly staff! Dr. Barberis shows she cares about her practice and patients. I have been going to this practice for years and they have taken great care of me and my health. Would highly recommend!!

Elizabeth M.

Great listener and problem solver. Knowledgeable. Kind and respectful.

Ruth W.

Dr. Rumbyrt have been so patient with me and have been able to help me with my allergies. He really cares about his patients. Dr Rumbyrt listen carefully about whats going on with us.

Veronica C.

Loved everyone there

Tracy L.

Dr. Rumbyrt is my favorite doctor. Always so willing to listen and offer great insight.

Janice K.

Great service.

Brent W.

Will definitely recommend to others needing similar care! Dr. Rumbyrt was very informative, answered any questions I had, and outlined a detailed plan moving forward. I have been struggling with asthma/allergy/immunology issues for years and have been to at least 5 other doctors. He is the first and only one to know what to look for, identify the core issues, and move toward appropriate treatment. The techs and support staff are all very helpful and kind as well!

Tierney Z.

She’s very nice Dr. Barbera I really appreciate what you done for me to help me to get better. Thank you again.

Carmen G.

Annual visit with great outcome. My favorite doc!

Karen J.

Dr. Gupta is very knowledgeable, personable and really really good at her job! I can tell she cares for her patients and wants nothing more than to help them improve their health. She was thorough in explaining things in a way that was very easy to understand. I left feeling more informed about my asthma than I have my entire life!

Eric L.

Very thorough:)

Mario N.

Dr. B is fantastic! Her office is friendly and I feel fully supported with addressing my allergy needs. Thank you Dr. B and Team!

Meghan D.

I was so happy to be able to talk directly with Dr Gupta. She was very attentive to my “story” and reassured me that we could work together to address my asthma concerns. I’m delighted to have her on my side! Thanks so much.

Marcee M.

Very knowledgeable and also funny.

Liam D.

10/10 listened and took care of me. The staff was kind, and my doctor was funny!

Alexis R.

I was very impressed with Dr Menich. He met with me one on one and was very personable, knowledgeable and responsive. He clearly has a great deal of expertise, but has a very effective way of explaining things in a down to earth manner I highly recommend him.

Kay R.

I learned something new, I felt taken care of and that helping me was a priority.

Stacy N.

Experience with the Dr. Was very good. Experience with staff was not. They did their job acceptably, but I was left alone in a room for very long periods of time, experiencing frightening reactions to the allergy tests. Meanwhile, staff was laughing uproariously for minutes a time, checking in with me in a curt manor which gave me little time to express my concerns to them. I don’t begrudge people having a good time, but please advise your workers to concentrate more energy on caring for and about patients!!! Professionalism involves taking time to be pleasant to patients, as well as putting them in rooms. The job involves being there for people in you mind. “Caring” is a major reason you are employed. It is expressed in a word, and a tone of voice, and your presence with the patient. Be aware that patients who come into the office may be a bit frightened of what allergy tests entail or how the test will ultimately change their lives. Especially, be aware that reactions to the tests may be terribly serious or life-threatening! My experience with Dr. Gupta’s staff may be unusual, but sharing this reminder with them shouldn’t hurt!! In the end, when I was in physical distress, and emerged from the testing room, everyone helped me, which I do appreciate!

Gina H.

Dr. Barberis is great. I appreciate that she sincerely listens to my concerns and has taken steps to help me figure out how to best address my asthma symptoms.

Kimberly P.

Dr. Gupta is knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. I never feel rushed when I'm with her. She takes time to listen and ask questions, so I feel like I'm getting high quality care with a doctor that is invested in my long-term health and well-being.

Mika M.

Fast and caring Dr

Timothy C.

Dr Barberis and staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. It was a very pleasant experience visiting with them at my appointment, and they were helpful in diagnosing/treating my condition (tho still awaiting lab results & probable follow-up appointment…

Jeffrey E.

The staff and Dr. Newman is friendly and you don’t feel rushed at all. I have seen some improvement in my hay fever since seeing him.

Elyse T.

Enjoy our conversations but would like more focus on my asthma condition and other health problems brought up.

Philip H.

Dr. Rumbyrt assessed my symptoms and immediately understood the issue and was able to suggest a different medication for my symptoms that made an enormous difference.

Christina S.

Dr. Rumbyrt has and always be amazing to my family.

Matthew W.

Excelente doctor

Edima R.

Dr. Rumbyrt is amazing. He takes the time to listen and explains things very well too. Couldn’t be happier!

Michael H.

Dr Rumbyrt is caring and takes interest in the patient.

Katherine C.

Thank you Dr Kara

Ronald L.

Doctors treat fairly aggressively and listen. Been a good experience compared to other groups

Garry D.

I had a good experience.

Andrew N.

Everyone was very skilled and pleasant.

David N.

The Doctor was on time, personable, and willing to spend the time necessary to address all my treatment options and concerns. I would highly recommend Dr Barberis to anyone!

Matthew H.

Easy to discuss any issues with the doctor, he’s a good listener and wants to help you!!

James B.

Very helpful if you dont know what you are alergic to the doctors will give answers and help out and give options

Cory H.

I felt very comfortable discussing my problems with the doctor.

Mary M.

Dr Crosby is caring , friendly, and professional and takes the time to hear and get to the issue and concerns at the visit. So glad she is my doctor..

Cynthia G.

Dr Barberis is very thorough and reviews test results with me.

Susan J.

Dr. Gupta was great. Seems very knowledgeable and engaged with the patient.

Andrew B.

Dr. Gupta is a competent and caring physician. My office visits are never rushed. Dr. Gupta always takes time to explain things in detail and answer all of my questions. I have a clear understanding of what to do and any followup. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta and know I am in great hands.

Samuel R.

Friendly and helpful.

Barbara L.

Dr. Gupta is very knowledgeable and thorough. Very friendly and easy to talk to as well.

Pamela H.

Dr. Rumbyrt is an amazingly knowledgeable physician. Very personable and easy to understand. Always feel i'm getting excellent care. Steven Calhoun

Steven C.

Dr. Menich was very knowledgeable and understanding.

Stacey B.

Dr Crosby is very professional and personable. I am very satisfied with her replacement of Dr Andrews.

Linda B.

Hard to find a doctor who is SO smart, SO attentive and SO personable. Dr. Menich is all that as well as incredibly professional. I’m kind of tough patient, but he has been more than available and efficient in adjusting my treatment plan with care and patience. The staff is amazing and friendly.

Colleen S.

Dr. Menich is an outstanding doctor. We always look forward to seeing him. He is caring, understanding, and makes everyone feel special. I wish we could see him for all our medical needs.

Gage O.

Dr. Menich is always interested in my general health as well as my allergies. I was recently diagnosed with pulmonary embolism and put on blood thinners. Dr. Menich spent time with me talking about the recent diagnosis and my progress on blood thinners. He has always been a kind and thoughtful Dr. Fortunately my allergies are well controlled due to Dr. Menich increasing my allergy shot doses. My asthma from allergies is just about non existent. Thank you Dr. Menich.

Barbara F.

Dr. Menich took into account my son’s athletic goals when coming up with a treatment plan for him, that really meant a lot to my son. Dr. Menich and the staff are wonderful!

Jonathan C.

Dr. Rumbyrt is very friendly and knows his job very well. He listens to you and gives good advice and medical reasons.

Donald C.

Fast, easy to talk to, knowledgeable

Kerry M.

excellent Doctor - works well with patents

David P.

Extremely informative and helpful. Super nice , too.

Alexander L.

Easy experience and friendly staff. We got to the bottom of my allergy problems in one visit.

Mara K.

The you ever much good staff.

Carmen G.

Amazing, he listed to my health concerns and provided the care/prescription I need to treat my condition.

Andrew B.

I never have felt so secure with the responses I received during my visit. My provider was highly detailed and even wrote notes down for me during the visit so I don’t forget anything we discussed (we all know that we forget some info at times). The provider also answered all my questions and left me speechless at the end of my visit because she took care of everything. I got results and nothing is better than a solution to allergies and asthma. I was given plenty of options for medication from my provider. I received immediate testing after my check up which confirmed my suspicion of having allergies and asthma. The results were explained in terminology I could understand. I felt like it was money well spent because the time that was spent in the office was used well. I checked in, filled out new patient paperwork, got into a room while still filling out the paperwork (yes that fast which is amazing), spoke with the provider, got tested, results and solutions and was out in my car after 1 hour. Remarkable experience and it was so smooth and very well controlled by the staff for a Monday morning. I felt comfortable and safe in this office with the staff and location. The staff is so friendly and very approachable. I scheduled my next visit, my scripts were sent over to the pharmacy right away (I called to confirm with he pharmacy), and my next appt was sch as well billing was discussed so I know when to expect information from the office about a possible co-payment and pricing for injections for my allergies. I can’t recommend this entire team enough. They will be moving to a new location and I will follow.

Samantha M.

All of the providers over the years have been more than helpful trying to get my allergies under control. Willing to try different medicines. All friendly and thorough.

Nicole C.

super thorough

Nick B.


Toni P.

Dr. Newman is very understanding and easy to work with. Highly recommend him.

Steven C.

Dr. Newman was kind, patient and knowledgeable. We had a nice visit with him and my baby boy.

Cormac V.

Dr. Gupta is an excellent doctor. She answered my questions and addressed my concerns.

Patrick O.

The staff was very welcoming and helpful. Dr. Barberis was wonderful. I never felt rushed and everything was explained clearly. Garret was also very nice and explained what he was doing and the purpose of the testing. The plan was discussed and appointments made. A pleasant experience.

Cristine F.

Dr. Newman was very patient, and I felt that he valued both of our time. He seems to care deeply for his patients and the practice as a whole. I look forward to his continued care.

Amanda M.

Very nice doctor

James S.

Excellent professional and caring

Gary B.

Dr. B is thorough, attentive, personable and an excellent communicator about my issues, medications and preventative protocols. I highly recommend this practice.

Susan K.

Prompt, knowledgeable and oh so friendly!…. ALWAYS!

Scott J.

Excellent care. Extremely capable, professional, and personable.

John S.

Dr. Barberis was wonderful. She listened to me describing my symptoms with my allergies. I would highly recommend Dr. Barberis and the Denver Allergy Clinic to anyone needing help with their allergies.

Sabrina J.

Professional staff and well seasoned allergy doctor.

Patrick W.

very good

Xuhui C.

Delightful Dr. Good information and advice. Appreciated not only the test results but also his practical advice to go with the data.

Katherine S.

I was very pleased with my visit. Dr. Gupta took over my care and had looked my file over very well and listened to me answer some questions. It was like I was her only patient for the day and had time to give me undivided attention. I look forward to continuing working with her in the future. Thank you very much.

Jerry A.

Dr Newman was very helpful in establishing a plan to treat my son's allergies and asthma.

Elliot W.

The doctor was very informative and caring.

Sherri L.

I love the personal touch. She has a schedule that allowws for convience of scheduling appointmemts. she is definitely a god-send that she does what she does well.Thank you Dr Barberis.

Aron W.

I always like visiting with Dr Rumbyrt. He really listens to me and my concerns. I feel like he is probably the best provider I have at this time.

Susan C.

I had a great experience. Minimal wait time, friendly staff, and Dr. Rumbyrt was fantastic. He was thoughtful, took the time to get a complete history, answer all questions, and was very thorough, with a clear plan. Highly recommend this group!

Andrew S.

Dr. Rumbyrt was awesome

Francesca F.

Dr. Barberis was informative and so helpful. She explained our options for our baby and gave us autonomy in making the decisions.

Eloise W.

Dr. Barberis has been wonderful for our family. She’s so knowledgeable and sweet.

Violet L.

Very comprehensive care! We really value the expertise and care we have recieved with Dr. Rumbryt! Hands down a 10!

Tanner S.

Dr. Barberis is warm and caring. She is professional and knowledgeable. I’m so glad that she is my doctor!

Katharine A.

Dr. Menich is probably my favorite of all of my doctors. He is warm, understanding, and non-judgemental. I only see him once per year but he always remembers details about my life. I highly recommend him!

Kyle L.

Very good and nice

Ziyad A.

Extraordinary! As a longtime patient it was good to hear new ideas.

Adele G.

Dr. Menich took the time to listen and was interested in the follow up, as well.

April S.

Dr. Menich is the e best! Listens, explains in a way you can understand, and gave me a treatment that worked.

Matthew M.

She listens and assesses carefully, explains things well, follows up, and comes up with treatment plans without pressure.

Alexandra R.

Very helpful

Charles B.


Noah D.

Dr. Menich was down to earth and flexible with my treatment options after my first allergy testing. I felt I was in good hands moving forward.

Noel P.

I had an intake appt to establish care yesterday. I was forewarned that the initial appointment would take 2.5 hours, and it took just short of that so I'm grateful I was prepared with that information. Karen and Destiny were so warm and welcoming and administered the baseline tests quickly and skillfully. Dr. Barberis listened to everything I said (relevant and irrelevant) - I could almost see her doing a minority report scan of everything that could affect my treatment plan. I left with a new daily regimen, a Rx for a maintenance inhaler that will make a huge difference to my daily wellness, and a projected schedule for allergy shots that will probably change my whole life. I'm so relieved to have a team take my concerns seriously and so grateful for this experience. Couldn't be happier.

Ashley O.

Very attentive, listens, proactive.

Patricia L.


Scott K.


Mitzi C.


Lawrence B.

Always the best of care when Dr. Rumbyrt is involved.

Kevin S.

They were attentive and on time. I felt heard and respected with what was going on for me

Katie G.

Always thorough and helpful!

John H.

Great experience, friendly staff and Dr.newman looking into my daughters care with detail. Every small detail small question answered

Kassandra F.

Down-to-earth, practical and also kind. I was very happy with Dr. Menich's approach to my young son's care.

Lucian D.

Wonderful visit. So glad to have a great Dr. In CO now.

Margaret Anne R.

Dr.Rumbyrt and his staff are always nice and polite. Dr. Rumbyrt takes his time to explain everything that is going on and feel like there is a plan when I leave the office.

Rosie H.

Dr. Gupta has been treating me for allergies. She and the staff have been great!

Laura D.


Lawrence B.

Kind, efficient, overall a good experience

Jade M.

Really appreciate Dr. Newman's time to chat through my current issues. He has a great demeanor and understanding of factors impacting my allergies. He explains so much of how I'm progressing and why different techniques are working.

Jackson H.

I went to get an allergy shot but didn't have an appointment with Dr. Crosby. I wanted her advice on whether or not I should have a shot because I had a reaction to the one the week before. She fit me in for an appointment with no notice to discuss it. I highly recommend Dr. Crosby. She obviously cares about her patients and makes time for them.

Joseph W.

Dr. Barberis was very knowledgeable explained things clearly.

Elisa B.

Very professional and thorough.

Kenneth F.

Dr Rumbryt and his staff were wonderful as usual. Always feel welcome here and not intimidated.

Robert W.

Dr. Barberis is a great Dr!

Kylie M.