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Nasal congestion, headaches, and other symptoms of sinusitis can quickly wear you down, especially if they become chronic. At Denver Allergy & Asthma Associates, the skilled medical team offers customized treatment plans for adults and children who need help managing acute or chronic sinusitis. The providers can recommend nasal sprays, allergy medications, and other strategies to improve breathing and prevent complications like recurrent infections. Call the Littleton, Boulder, Lakewood, Arvada Westminster, or Denver, Colorado, office to schedule a sinusitis consultation or book an appointment online today. 

Sinusitis Q & A

What is sinusitis?

Sinusitis describes inflammation in the tissues that line your sinuses, the air-filled spaces behind your nasal bones and forehead.

Inflammation can result from an acute or chronic bacterial, viral, or fungal infection. You can also develop sinusitis if you have nasal polyps, allergies, or a deviated septum. These conditions can prevent the proper drainage of mucus from the sinuses, leading to chronic inflammation and recurrent infection.

Denver Allergy & Asthma Associates offers comprehensive care for adults and children with sinusitis. The experienced medical team provides diagnostic evaluations and creates individual treatment plans to help you feel better quickly.

When should I seek medical care for sinusitis?

Schedule a consultation at Denver Allergy & Asthma Associates if you have sinusitis symptoms you can’t treat with over-the-counter medications or symptoms that last for longer than a week.

Sinusitis symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Persistent nasal congestion
  • Green or yellow nasal discharge
  • Pain around the eyes and cheeks
  • Changes in your sense of smell

With acute sinusitis, these symptoms can last up to 10 days. If you have chronic sinusitis, your symptoms can last three months or longer.

The medical team confirms sinusitis during a physical exam of your sinuses and a review of your symptoms. They may also recommend allergy testing to find out if allergies are triggering sinus inflammation.

How is sinusitis treated?

Initially, your treatment for acute sinusitis may include a saline nasal spray to flush mucus and bacteria out of your sinuses. The saline can also moisturize your nasal passages.

If your sinuses still feel congested, the Denver Allergy & Asthma Associates team can prescribe corticosteroid sprays or oral medications to reduce inflammation. You may also benefit from an allergy medication or immunotherapy (allergy shots) if allergies play a role in your sinusitis symptoms.

Surgery may be necessary if you have large polyps or a deviated septum that prevents mucus drainage from your sinuses to lower your risk for recurrent infections. Appropriate patients will be considered for targeted biologic therapy. 

Call the Denver Allergy & Asthma Associates office near you to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for sinusitis symptoms, or book an appointment online today.