Questions For You and Your Doctor

Your Doctor May Ask You

  • What allergy symptoms do you have?
  • Do you have recurrent infections?
  • When did your symptoms start?
  • Which parts of your body are affected by your allergies?
  • What treatments have been tried for your allergies?
  • Were any treatments effective for your problem?
  • Do blood relatives have allergies too?
  • What tests have previously been done (if any) for your allergies?
  • Have you been on allergy shots before?

You May Want To Ask

Your Doctor

  • Why do I have allergies?
  • Why did my allergies start now?
  • What types of allergies are there?
  • Can allergies be prevented?
  • What treatments are available for allergies?
  • Are allergies inherited?
  • Can allergies cause infections?
  • Is my immune system “messed up”?